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Looking For the Coming Thing in the Mid Atlantic United States
This is a community for those living in the Mid-Atlantic area (MD, DC, VA, DE, PA, WV) who have an interest in Steampunk fashion, literature, gaming, movies or anything else Steampunk related. Feel free to share your events, photos, crafts, inventions or just stop in to chat.

The Rules:
1. You are free to post most anything Steampunk related including but not limited to original fiction, historical articles, photos, inventions and subjects for debate.

2. Please put anything of a graphic nature behind a cut. I have labeled the community as having adult themes but no one wishes to be surprised at work.

3. Please put huge amounts of text and multiple or large photos behind a cut.

4. You are welcome to post about your upcoming events and wares you may have to sell within reason. Please do not make advertisements the sum and total of your posts.

5. Please be civil. If you cannot have a difference of opinion without resorting to mean spirited pettiness you will be asked to continue your "discussion" in private. If such a warning is insufficient you may be banned from the community.